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Subject: Distance between Lyrics and Dynamics context


I'm once again struggling with the issue of vertical spacing and can't
find a solution in the manuals. I think it would be a really cool thing
if someone wrote a tutorial or a series of tutorials introducing all
this in some more depth and slower-paced than what the reference can

In the attached example the functional analysis symbols are entered in a
Lyrics context and the textual description below in a Dynamics context.
Actually there's another Dynamics context between those two but that
doesn't contain anything in the current system.

What I want to achieve is to move the two somewhat closer together - but
only in the current system, as in the second system the middle context
actually contains something (which can be seen in the second attachement

Which of the spacing properties do I have to modify to control this
distance, and (how) can I do this on a per-system basis?


I'm struggling to work out what you want to do from your description. Can you use an image manipulation program to demonstrate?

Phil Holmes

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