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>> Hi,
>> I'm once again struggling with the issue of vertical spacing and can't
>> find a solution in the manuals. I think it would be a really cool thing
>> if someone wrote a tutorial or a series of tutorials introducing all
>> this in some more depth and slower-paced than what the reference can
>> provide.
>> In the attached example the functional analysis symbols are entered in a
>> Lyrics context and the textual description below in a Dynamics context.
>> Actually there's another Dynamics context between those two but that
>> doesn't contain anything in the current system.
>> What I want to achieve is to move the two somewhat closer together - but
>> only in the current system, as in the second system the middle context
>> actually contains something (which can be seen in the second attachement
>> (dispo-satz-2-3.png).
>> Which of the spacing properties do I have to modify to control this
>> distance, and (how) can I do this on a per-system basis?
> Urs,
> I'm struggling to work out what you want to do from your description. 
> Can you use an image manipulation program to demonstrate?

Sorry if my explanation wasn't clear.
I want to have everything starting from "1. Satz - 7 Stücke" to be
closer to the upper line with the "T  DD" - as can be seen in the new
The upper is implemented as a Lyrics context, the lower as Dynamics.

A complication is that there is a second Dynamics context between those
two, which is empty in the first system (and contains some material . So
I only want to raise the lower context in the first system.


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