Hi MJ,

> Thanks for your suggestion, it improves matters a lot, but there are 
> still *MANY* (different kinds) errors. The complete output is here:
> http://codepad.org/Qc93Rvyu

I see lots of errors. I then had a look at the Messiah ly files and saw most of
them have no \version in them, which is really bad.
Some have and that's either 2.11.x or 2.13.x (probably not a complete list).

> Are there some basic settings/things that would perhaps help..?

I would throw convert-ly at them. For that to work you'd need to add \version
statements (or that's my understanding). Quite a task.
After that and assuming you're on Linux you could something like
  find . -name "*.*ly" -exec convert-ly --from=2.11 {} ";"
(I'm not on my linux/LP machine just now, can't test, but the above should give
you the idea)

Or manually go through all directories and issue something like
  convert-ly -e --from=2.11 *.*ly
You may try 2.13 or something else as well.

This should fix many and if you're lucky most of the errors.

Kind regards,
Michael Gerdau       email: m...@qata.de
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