Hi Urs,

> I want to have everything starting from "1. Satz - 7 Stücke" to be
> closer to the upper line with the "T  DD" - as can be seen in the new
> attachment. The upper is implemented as a Lyrics context, the lower as 
> Dynamics.
> A complication is that there is a second Dynamics context between those
> two, which is empty in the first system (and contains some material . So
> I only want to raise the lower context in the first system.

This, I think, is related to a long-standing request I have: upper spacing 
parameters. As far as I can tell, Lily only has parameters for the space that 
FOLLOWS a context (with the obvious exception of nonstaff-relatedstaff spacing 
when staff-affinity is not #DOWN) — but I often want to set (e.g.) a padding 
value for a certain staff, regardless of what appears above it (e.g., in a 
frenched score).

I end up just manipulating these kind of things using the edition engraver — 
that would be my suggestion in this case — but I’m intruiged to hear how you 
end up solving it.


Kieren MacMillan, composer
‣ website: www.kierenmacmillan.info
‣ email: i...@kierenmacmillan.info

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