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>Ok, I tested, and I made some more fixes.


Thanks for doing this!

It would probably work better to have the proposed patches be posted to a
new thread on the lilypond-devel list.  That's where things happen to
change LilyPond, as opposed to helping users.

There are two kinds of patches that I could see being posted to the devel
list.  The first is a proof-of-concept patch, which is just a "try it out
and see if I'm going in the right direction" kind of thing.  These patches
don't need to be fully tested, but it should be clear that they are not
proposed for inclusion yet.

The second is a patch that is proposed for inclusion in the LilyPond
codebase.  These patches should be thoroughly tested by the developer
before being sent to the list for review.  And it would be a good idea for
the email containing the patch to have a description of what the patch
does, so we can add it to our git repository with a meaningful commit

I'm not sure which of these your current proposed file is.  Could you let
us know?



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