Il giorno gio 1 dic 2016 alle 22:43, Noeck <> ha scritto:
how does the automatic language selection feature work on the lilypond
website? I've looked trough the source code but could not find a hint
that would point me to language selection things.

it's in Documentation/web/server/

You can find a good explanation here:

When I go to with Firefox, the page is written in English.
My preferred language in Firefox is German. I can click on "Other
languages: ... Deutsch" but that is not what I would call automatic.

Is that a bug or a misunderstanding on my side or do I need to enable

You should check which http header you are sending to the server.
Install this firefox plugin:

Perhaps the language in your browser is not defined in a standard way?

This is what I get:

Accept-Language: en-US,it;q=0.8,en;q=0.5,it-IT;q=0.3

and the website serves correctly the italian pages.

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