On 01.12.2016 21:06, mj wrote:
Thinking about it... it might actually be faster to just transpose from the sheetmusic. It's just two voices and soprano...

What Nicolas Sceaux has done here, is one way of coping with a large LilyPond project. On one hand, this makes management much easier _if_ you have all the tools required at hand and are familiar. On the other hand, it reduces accessibility and simplicity. For the latter reason I often try to keep as close to standard methods as I sensibly can. You _can_ get far with intelligently set up structures using \include, but it’s a non-trivial task as well.

In your usecase now, I’d figure out where the actual source for the music lies and copy/paste it into a new file of your own. I think that’s the easiest course of action.

HTH, Simon

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