Huh, can't say I've heard of \fixed. I always use \transpose c c'', which seems to have the same effect. It looks stupid in the code, though.

And yeah, absolute mode is a lot easier than relative. If I want to duplicate a measure, I prefer just duplicating it instead of having to adjust the octave.

On 08/05/17 14:02, Kieren MacMillan wrote:
Hi Guy,

Which suggests that \tag used with \relative will never work.

Whether or not your conclusion is technically accurate — others will be more 
qualified to confirm or correct — the unpredictability of \relative with \tag 
(which I used to use heavily, before finding the edition-engraver) was one of 
the principal reasons I abandoned the use of \relative in all my music some 
years ago, after almost a decade of using it exclusively. There are many, many 
other reasons I'm glad I switched to absolute (and \fixed), but this was a main 

You might consider doing the same? Editors like Frescobaldi make it easy to 
switch code back and forth between relative and absolute — even so, I've never 
found a reason to go back to relative once I've converted any [legacy] code to 
absolute. (On rare occasions, I'll use \fixed.). I can say with great 
confidence that a measurable chunk of my frustration with Lilypond disappeared 
along with \relative.


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