2017-08-05 19:28 GMT+02:00 Erik Natanael Gustafsson
> Whoops, I accidentally sent my reply only to Holland. Here it is again:
> "
> Good idea! I made a minimal example

Where is it?

> and in the process I realised that time
> signatures stopped being printed after I used "\set
> Staff.timeSignatureFraction = 4/4" (the box markup had nothing to do with
> it). Is there any way of continuing to print the default time signature
> after one bar of polymetric notation?

"polymetric notation?"
Minimal example please!

> Thanks for the code!

Which code?
I'm tired of looking into the archives whether there is some code somewhere.

>Could you point me to a resource for how to use it? I
> mean, where I put that file, how I invoke it in my score etc.

No idea what you're talking about.


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