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Ok I've been messing with this and I realize that where I have s1*13 at m.86 it seems to print out 15 measures instead and doesn't generate an error. It prints out 12 measures on one line at m.98. I don't understand how it's counting?

\version "2.18.2"
layoutContent = {
\repeat unfold 11 { s1*6 \break } %m1-66
s1*8 \break | %m67-74
s1*11 \break | %m75-85
s1*13 \break | %m86-97
s1*15 \break | %m98
fluteMusic = {
  g4 r r2 | %m86
  R1* 5 | %m87-91
  r2 r\fermata | %m92
  \bar "||"
  \key c\major
  \time 3/4
  R2.*4 ^"Presto" | %m93-96
  g,2.~ \ff | %m97
\score {
\new Staff <<
\new Voice {
\new Voice {

o 85+13 is 98, not 97.
o As provided, your fluteMusic starts at bar 1, not bar 86.
o s1 has the length of a semibreve ("whole note"), not a full bar ("measure") - so after your time signature change to 3/4, each s1 lasts longer than a bar. So s1*13 needs to be s1*7 | s2.*6 to account for the change to 3/4.

(Er, I suggested privately that your problem might be a change to the time signature, but you denied you had one!)

Brian Barker

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