Guy Stalnaker <> writes:

> Third, some log output lines do not reference a line in the lilypond source
> file. Again, in this case, the eventual resolution related to multi-measure
> rests (that closing brace } "covered" the multi-measure rest because it was
> after and not before the multi-measure rest). But none of log lines which
> indicated a multi-measure rest error referenced a line in the lilypond
> source. So, though multi-measure rest errors were there, they were not of
> much practical use because the lilypond source is several thousand lines
> long and there are hundreds of multi-measure rests in the dozen-plus parts.
> I eventually had to resort to the binary method of breaking the source in
> two, commenting part B, compiling part A, etc. to slowly eliminate working
> source to find the failing source.

If you are interested in getting something fixed, an example beats an

David Kastrup

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