On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 06:40:10PM +0000, Vlad Kudelin wrote:
>    Hello dear Lilypond community! 
>    I am a new user, and a pretty happy one! Just found out about THIS
>    a week ago, and God! I am so grateful to the creators!!! 
>    I am a guy who knows music and computers, but... hates mouse. In
>    fact I've got Carpal using mouse to enter 100s of notes in some
>    s/w.... But now I am free! can use emacs or whatever! –
>    un–be–live-able!!!
>    And also (perfectionists will understand the torture I've been
>    through) : Lilypond just makes it natural to put everything under
>    version control! 
>    un–be–f- live-able!!! 

Welcome to Lilypond. :-)

I also hate the mouse, and I compose music with vim and lilypond. Which
means I can work on my music remotely via SSH over a low-bandwidth link.
No need for bandwidth (and memory) hogging VNC's. And yes, version
control.  I use git, which allows me to experiment with different
branches (different ways of scoring a passage) quickly and easily, and
without risk of losing previous versions should I decide to revert.

Not to mention the beautiful scores Lilypond produces.

You're in good company here. ;-)


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