I have some trouble with alignment of text to notes:

\version "2.18.2"
\language "deutsch"

{ \clef bass \key fis \major \time 4/4

  { r2 r4 ais8. gis16 | fis4(  cis8)
    r16 cis'16 cis4( \> ais8.) \! fis16 | \tuplet 3/2 {fis8([ eis gis)]}
h4 }
  \addlyrics { Va, pen -- sie~ro, sull' a~li  do -- ra -- te; } %1
  \addlyrics { Va, pen -- "sie - ro," sull' "a-li"  do -- ra -- te; } %2


Variant 1 looks strange to me because it looks like "pensi" and "ro"
would be two words, while it's one word ("pensiero"). I fiddled with it
until I got variant 2. Here, one can see that "pensiero" is one word,
because of the dashes. But the dashes look different and the dashes in
the quotation marks are ugly ;)

How can I set the text so that it reads pen - sie - ro with the correct
(and nice) dashes?

Thanks for your help,
Markus Grunwald

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