2018-02-02 20:20 GMT+01:00 Knute Snortum <ksnor...@gmail.com>:
> I still occasionally run into situations where I think that an X-offset
> should work, but it doesn't.  Obviously, I'm not understanding something.
> Can anyone tell me why the following source code doesn't move the "cresc"
> text to the left and suggest a way to do it?
> \version "2.19.80"
> \fixed c' {
>   c4 -\tweak X-offset -3 \cresc c c c |
>   c4 c c c \!
> }

Well, you don't have a text, tweakable at it's own, but a
_DynamicTextSpanner_ with some text.
In close to all cases you wouldn't want a working X-offset affecting
the _whole_ DynamicTextSpanner.
Rather you want the left text moved (but the dashed line adjusted
accordingly, leaving the right bound in place)

Therefore we have the bound-details-property:

\fixed c' {
  \override DynamicTextSpanner.bound-details.left.padding = -3
  c4 \cresc c c c |
  c c c \!

Ofcourse, you could set right.padding as well, if desired, etc
Several line-spanners act similar.


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