Thanks. You read my email correctly - the bass clef should be after the 
barline, not before. But your idea didn't change this. Should it have done so?

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Sunday, February 4, 2018, 3:45:33 PM, you wrote:

I regret that my suggestion did not solve all of your issues. My reading of 
your e-mail lead me to the awkward placement of the bass clef. That is the crux 
of my recommendation.
The same command could be used to “accurately” place the subsequent treble clef.
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Your snippet raises two points:

1) There really should be a treble clef before the final repeat, to remind the 
performer to switch back. This is important when there's music before the 
repeated section as the performer may have forgotten which clef the repeat 
started in. In your simplified example there's already a clef sign as the 
beginning of the stave, but in most music that would be just luck. This is a 
similar bug to mine, but different!

2) Your example doesn't have any music after the repeated section, which is 
when the problem occurs. If I add some, I'm afraid your solution doesn't help. 
My example is:

\version "2.19.52"

\language "english"

\new Staff         {
\repeat volta 2 {
  c'' c''
  \once \override Score.BreakAlignment #'break-align-orders = #(make-vector
3 '(staff-bar clef ))
  \clef "bass"  c  c
 \clef "treble" c''1


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Saturday, February 3, 2018, 7:25:06 PM, you wrote:

> Ptoye,

> Does this work?

> \repeat volta 2 {
>    c'' c'' 
>    \once \override Score.BreakAlignment #'break-align-orders = #(make-vector
> 3 '(staff-bar clef ))
>    \clef "bass" | c  c
>   }

> Mark

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> I've found that this is was reported as an "ugly" in 2011. I think it's a
> bug as the output is definitely incorrect.

> The reverse happens with the snippet below, where the change of clef is
> missing.

> \version "2.19.52"
> \language "english"
> \score {
>  \new Staff {
>   \time 4/4
>   \clef "treble"
>   c''2 c''

>   \repeat volta 2 {
>    c'' c'' | \clef "bass" c  c
>   }
>    c c
>  }

> }

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