Whoops - I've just spotted a genuine unterminated tie at the end of the first line of notes - but removing it does not get rid of the warning...

So this minimal example demonstrates both a genuine unterminated tie that doesn't warn, and a terminated tie that warns when it shouldn't...


On 04/02/18 18:49, Wol's lists wrote:
Okay. You wanted a minimal example ...

But surely, "f4. ~ f4" is clearly something wrong if it's complaining about an unterminated tie? Yes you might need a bit more information to debug it, but on the face of it it's a blatant bug ...


On 04/02/18 00:59, David Kastrup wrote:
Wols Lists <antli...@youngman.org.uk> writes:

On 04/02/18 00:33, David Kastrup wrote:
Wol's lists <antli...@youngman.org.uk> writes:

I suspect the cause is that I'm mixing slurs and ties, but I'm getting
the following error ...

voiceTrombone.ily:30:59: warning: unterminated tie
     \repeat percent 4 { f,8[ r f] f[ r f] } | f4.
                                                   ~ f4 r8 | a8-> r4
a8-> r4 | a2. | bf2.(


Yes I know. But looking at the error message, I am quite clearly tying
an f to an f. So why is it complaining "unterminated tie"?

This very likely depends on details you don't quote.

I can try and make a minimal example if you like - I'm just puzzled why
what is - as far as I can see - perfectly correct syntax is generating
an error message.

NB - the lilypond version is SUSE's latest ...

And of course everybody uses SUSE and knows which is their "latest",
regardless whether we are talking about final releases or test releases
or whatever else.  And naturally there is only a single architecture
they support.

Sigh.  If you are interested in getting help, try investing a minimum of
work to actually make that possible.  If not, why bother?

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