Am 08.02.2018 um 11:09 schrieb André Rohrbach:
Hi :)

I use LilyPond in combination with LaTeX since a few weeks and I'm
very happy about this great piece of software!
Yesterday I came across an issue using lilypond-book:

If you are just starting to use LilyPond with LaTeX I suggest you have a look at the lyluatex package (, which we're currently completing to be a fully compatible with lilypond-book. Different from lilypond-book it's not a preprocessor but will handle the LilyPond compilation directly from the LaTeX run.
Although it will probably not help you with your issue at hand.

Also might be of interest to you - but I will soon make substantial changes to it, also to work with lyluatex (means: you are encouraged to have a look at the package but shouldn't get too involved with learning it or even using it in real documents).


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