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> Hi Karlin and Klose,
> You get a lot more than just a treble clef, although that's what the OP was
> asking. You get a very refined and subtle complete font. Cadence is very
> subtle.
> I tend to think of Abraham's work as what is called payware in the flight
> sim world - not commercial greed but some recompense for the work put in,
> and the ongoing support which is provided. Considering what you get, it's
> very reasonably priced.
> There's a long thread in the archives about the reasons Abraham turned to a
> payware model, after I and others questioned this move, and it is well
> worth reading. I'll dig up the link later. I know there are those who hold
> the view that there is something bad about paying money for any add-on to
> an open source product, and there is some merit in that, but it's not an
> absolute given I think. If it means support for the developer, then that's
> good for the whole community. After all, some of our developers are
> supported by generous donations - a indirect form of payware.

One.  And the proportion supporting him is minuscule, so even though the
donations as such count as generous, the total amount currently is about
a third of a minimum wage job.  Which is why I am now looking for one of
those jobs.

To be fair, having had a stroke and consequently having to be consistent
about my blood pressure medication has not exactly helped productivity,
so the very few people still supporting me don't exactly get value I
feel prooud of in return.

I still try to provide technical guidance to my ability, fix a number of
things, and will see 2.20 out the door eventually.

David Kastrup

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