I am just learning LilyPond, and to practice I’m engraving Dvořák’s Humoresque 
No. 1 in E-flat Minor, which is in 2/4 time.

I’m stuck on the top staff in the attached image (measures 70 and 71).

It seems that there are three voices in the last beat of the second measure. 
The phrasing slur needs to extend from the first chord in the first measure to 
the f'8 in the second measure. Since slurs can’t cross voices, I think the 
eighth notes in the second measure need to be in the same voice as the chord in 
the first measure?

The closest I’ve come is the following:

<< { <df' gf' bf'>4\( <df' gf'> | <c' gf' bf'>4 \stemDown gf'8 f'\) } \\
   { s2 | s4 cf' } \\
   { s2 | s4 af' } >>

But this produces a warning from LilyPond: "ignoring too many clashing note 
columns”, and the gf'8 in the second measure is not offset to the right from 
the cf' and af'.


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