Viktor Mastoridis <> writes:

> Hello Lilypond users,
> I hope that this is the right place to ask the following question:
> Using Lilypond 2.18.2
> I am using easyHeadsOn (with numbers: \Ez_numbers_engraver) on a score.
> I tried to use \afterGrace or \grace, as in
> \afterGrace  b8  ( c16 )
> but the result is that the number  and the head of the grace note are
> bigger than the rest of the heads/numbers (not smaller as expected).
> I tried to use the property \small,
> \afterGrace  b8   ( \small c16 ) d8
> but then the rest of the composition loses its even-grouping.
> If easyHeads is turned off, afterGrace notes behave as expected.
> I attach images of the three situations.

You don't attach a minimal example
<> so I cannot actually try, but I
seem to remember that this was addressed at some point of time in the
2.19 development cycle, so it might be worth trying out 2.19.81.

Issue 4996 apparently, and the regtest indeed uses grace notes.

David Kastrup

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