Hi Kieren,

Thanks, and I agree. The nuisance is that you have to count all the silent bars 
where there aren't any tempo changes, which is far less convenient than simply 
adding a \tempo "Allegro" at the relevant place in the score! I always miscount 
by at least 1. As this particular score has only 6 such markings, but quite a 
few time signature changes it's easier to use Hwaen Ch'uqi's solution. Or is 
there a way of moving to a particular bar number without all the counting? That 
would be difficult if there are \set Score.currentBarNumber commands to cope 
with as well.

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Monday, February 12, 2018, 2:58:21 PM, you wrote:

> Hi Peter,

>> I can see that with a score which has several staves needing tempo markings 
>> Simon's solution works better, but for two yours is my choice. It's a shame 
>> that LP doesn't have an automated way of doing repeating the metronome (or 
>> tempo) marks automatically.

> It does, and I use it all the time: put all your markings in a
> global variable, and then combine that global variable with each
> staff's notes. There are lots of examples on the web (docs, LSR, etc.), in 
> case you need help.

> Best,
> Kieren.
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