Hi Peter,

> The nuisance is that you have to count all the silent bars where there aren't 
> any tempo changes, which is far less convenient than simply adding a \tempo 
> "Allegro" at the relevant place in the score!

So you're only adding your tempo markings to one context? And now you're going 
to manually add it to a second context? What happens if you change the tempo 
marking? You'll have to (manually) change it in both places, yes?

> Or is there a way of moving to a particular bar number without all the 
> counting?

There are several such functions floating around: the edition-engraver (EE) of 
course supports this kind of thing; David K once wrote an "addAt" (I think?) 
function; and I remember at least one other attempt some years ago.

> That would be difficult if there are \set Score.currentBarNumber commands to 
> cope with as well.

The EE handles that situation; I don't remember if the addAt function does.

Another possibility — essentially exactly what you're asking about — would be 
to write a [Scheme?] engraver that checked all contexts in a score for a 
MetronomeMark event, and added any event found to all "flagged" contexts 
automatically. Maybe look into that option!

Hope that helps,

Kieren MacMillan, composer
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