Hi David,

Am 13.02.2018 um 00:33 schrieb David Sumbler:
Is there a way of getting Lilypond to search for \include files in a
particular directory, other than by using the command line option -I ?
  This is not very convenient, because I usually run Lllypond from
Emacs, using Ctrl-C Ctrl-F.

In bash I can add items to the environment variable PATH; perhaps there
is something similar in Lilypond?

The reason I ask is that, with the help of Stefano's very helpful
"quick rundown", I thought I would experiment with the Edition
Engraver.  I am completely new to using 'git', but after some effort I
managed to get the relevant parts of OpenLilyLib into a directory
called ~/openlilylib/ .

When I added \include "oll-core/package.ily" to my test.ly file, I got
a "cannot find file" error, because Lilypond doesn't know where to look
for it.  If I give an absolute path or a relative path, package.ily
loads OK, but then in that file the line '\include  "oll-
core/internal/os-path.ily"' produces an error for the same reason.

Perhaps the answer is to put a symbolic link from somewhere in the
lilypond code tree to the openlilylib directory, but then I would have
to remember to recreate it every time I install a newer version of
Lilypond, which again is less than convenient.

If Emacs doesn't have an option to construct a command line (like Frescobaldi does) I would say the most straightforward way for you would be to write a simple wrapper script that adds these command line options for you and call that instead of 'lilypond'.


How can I get things to run smoothly?


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