Hi Urs,

With the top and bottom fixed, the only flexibility left lies in varying the
distances between systems and staves.
Unfortunately, the system-system-spacing has a default minimum distance of 8
(between the systems) and squeezing three systems into one page seems to be
better than stretching them too far apart.

I'd play around with system-system-spacing.minimum-distance.

1st attempt: When setting minimum-distance to 11, thus forcing a wider
distance between systems, LilyPond still complains about compressing (and
it's even worse).
Now, there is much more compression within the stave groups. No, that's not
good, either...

Even pushing up system-system-spacing.minimum-distance to 12 still squeezes
three systems on page 1, but only two on page 2 (because of the p standing
out in the last line).
That's just (!) because of the p in Vc bar 14., one might say.
So a tiny difference in hairpins, stems, ... makes a huge difference in the
resulting layout (three systems or two systems per page).
This looks awful and very unbalanced. But there's nothing in between: it's
either two or three systems per page.

Setting system-system-spacing.minimum-distance to 13, finally pushes the
systems so far apart that only two systems (but consistently at last) fit on
one page.

Doesn't look too good, either... No, none of the solutions really works.

*The actual problem*
The space available on the page does not at all go well with the system size
for a string quartet.
Just reduce the stave size and everything will fit neatly...

Sometimes, I just use one of the system-count, systems-per-page,
min-systems-per-page oder max-systems-per-page paper variables to achieve a
uniform number of systems on all pages.


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