I am going to have a talk about Ardour multitrack recording in Chemnitz
<https://chemnitzer.linux-tage.de> on the 10th of March.  My previous
demonstrations all were using an accordion but since an accordion is
really a full solo instrument, it's actually not that great for demoing
multitracking (I did a Bach Air from Orchestra Suite #3 version where I
dubbed the omitted viola voice in <https://youtu.be/H9mYPaNvhhY> but
it's really not all too great.  At least I discovered that I had been
omitting half a measure before the last repeat: dubbing _that_ was

So I decided maybe sing this time.  I am out of training (obviously) but
by plastering reverb in and using LilyPond for creating the backing
track, I got something annoyingly useful at first pitch.  Now I just
need to figure out how to do a proper count-in, and I think I can do the
talk with that piece.  The take itself is short, so I should have plenty
of time messing up.  And I need to work on my voice the next few weeks.

So basically that is a "production with Ardour under Linux might be
worth bothering with" pitch.

Here goes the screen cast: <https://youtu.be/6nU_thq2wUw>

I'll have to see whether I manage screencasting of my talk as well: it's
a bit of a stretch since obviously it gobbles up processing power and
disk space.

David Kastrup

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