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> On 02/13/2018 03:04 PM, David Kastrup wrote:
>> So I decided maybe sing this time.  I am out of training (obviously) but
>> by plastering reverb in and using LilyPond for creating the backing
>> track, I got something annoyingly useful at first pitch.  Now I just
>> need to figure out how to do a proper count-in, and I think I can do the
>> talk with that piece.  The take itself is short, so I should have plenty
>> of time messing up.  And I need to work on my voice the next few weeks.
>> So basically that is a "production with Ardour under Linux might be
>> worth bothering with" pitch.
> That’s excellent, David!
> There are a couple of ways to do the count-in... I’ve made MIDI files
> in LilyPond that have a wood-block percussion on every beat, starting
> a couple of bars before everything else.  You can open a multi-track
> MIDI in Ardour, I believe.  It makes a good guide for multi-track
> vocals, too, to keep everything in tune.  You can also make a click
> track in Ardour itself, which may turn out to be easier, though it can
> be harder to line up the MIDI with it, depending on how it all works
> out.

I think lining up the Midi should be no problem at all.  In fact, Ardour
lined up the Midi quite thoroughly when I first imported it, warping it
to 120 bpm (its apparent default).  That was surprising.  Changing
Ardour's speed immediately adapted the Midi as well.

I think I might try adding a count-in and perhaps something giving the
pitch in Ardour: that makes the task independent from LilyPond as the
producer of the Midi.

At any rate, taking one reasonably portable audio interface (in my case,
the "Satellite" portion of a Mackie Onyx Satellite) and the mics (of
which I can use one without a stand) and the required cables and power
adapters, and I should be set.  Well, and a small speaker.  And

Still, should weigh less than the usual accordion.

David Kastrup

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