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> On 2/13/2018 2:04 PM, David Kastrup wrote:
>> So I decided maybe sing this time.  I am out of training (obviously) but
>> by plastering reverb in and using LilyPond for creating the backing
>> track, I got something annoyingly useful at first pitch.
> Is that you singing on both those tracks, David?

Well, the telltale final "s" should give it away.  Too similar to be

> Impressive voice range! I remember reading that the stroke had
> bothered higher ranges, so either you've made some good recovery or
> had something astounding before that.

Oh come on.  I sound like a strangled duck in the high range, and the
high range is not even high (my previous voice type had been alto, and
it was durable enough to do the choir alto in all 6 parts of the Bach
Christmas Oratory in one performance at modern pitch).  But a few weeks
of vocal exercise should get that under control for the purpose of this

I had a partial paresis of the left vocal cord which is mostly under
control.  What was affected then was durability of the voice more than
range.  But when I start coughing for some reason, it's basically game
over: I'm very bad at actually clearing stuff out from the throat.
Swallowing and throat clearing is still an incomplete job and I'd better
not eat something in proximity to having to talk or sing.

David Kastrup

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