Martin Neubauer wrote
> On 12/02/2018 16:42, Peter Toye wrote:
> Although developing lilypond itself on a windows machine might indeed be
> challenging, all the programming capabilities you'd need in your scores
> should just work anywhere lp runs. And even if you don't intend to write
> engravers or other somewhat complex functions from scratch yourself, a
> basic understanding of Scheme will certainly be helpful in the long run.
> You most certainly will come across solutions (in the LSR or elsewhere)
> that are almost right for the challenges you are faced with, but can be
> easily adapted to fit your needs. As these adjustments often don't
> require lots of skill, even a small learning effort can go a long way.
> And maybe curiosity will get the better of you...
> All the best,
> Martin

Fair enough, but my brain takes things up rather slower than it did when I
was learning computing (which included LISP) in the 1960s. Curiosity, yes,
but I find the Internals Reference manual rather heavy going. With all the
cross-references, you really need either a book (expensive to print it out!)
which you can mark up or a way of displaying 3 or 4 pages at once on a

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