Simon Albrecht-2 wrote
> Of course it’s possible, and a very common thing to do e.g. in 
> orchestral scores. See <>.

I've compared your solution with Hwaen Ch'uqi's and they give slightly
different results on the page. As you sent it, the tempo and mark
indications are raised too far above the stave  - by adjusting the
staff-staff spacing I've mended that. But the Largo metronome mark is too
far to the right as it seems to be aligned to the first silent note rather
than the clef or time signature. When the music changes tempo without
anything else, as in the Presto it's in the right place. So you now have to
override the X-offset by a variable amount depending on exactly what is in
the lower stave at that point, which will give difficulties if there's a
line break as well. Compare these, where the vertical placement of your
extra staff has been adjusted.



And here I've done a global override of the X-offset, and now the Presto is
too far to the left.

So there doesn't seem to be a simple solution to the issue which is
aesthetically pleasing.

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