Peter Toye <> writes:

> The Internals Reference (or the bits that I've read) doesn't have any
> music examples.

Yes, it's autogenerated.  It does have an index, and Emacs is pretty
good at navigating via the index.

> And rather oddly, I've never used Emacs.

Well, it's gotten easier since your earlier computing days and more
discoverable.  XEmacs, the GUI and user friendly fork, is essentially
dead since it hasn't kept up.

When a snail goes on for 40 years, it might outrun a lot of sprinters.
I'm not saying that I expect you to know Emacs.  I am just saying that
you are in a better position trying to work with it than others are, and
this decade is a greater decade to do so than the previous were.

That's all.  And even used solely as a LilyPond document reader, it's

David Kastrup

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