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>> Hans Åberg <haber...@telia.com> writes:
>>> They don't hunt much if properly fed, just some for sport.
>> There is no such thing as a "properly fed" cat.  Not if you ask the cat.
> If you want them to hunt less, give them more food.
>> There is also quite a difference in approach: the male cat really starts
>> getting more enthusiastic once its prey is dead and playing football
>> with the corpse for hours until eating it is no longer a viable option.
>> The female one plays until its prey is dead, then gulfs it down.  All of
>> it.  Except possibly the stomach.  Ugh.
> Try to give them herring, cut in slices.
>> So one can't really generalize regarding the sports approach.
> This is for house cats. It may be different for farmer cats.

Well, there is no reason to keep them from hunting.  Cats are allowed to
kill and eat mice.  Humans aren't.

I don't make the rules.

David Kastrup

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