> Op 17 feb. 2018, om 09:21 heeft David Kastrup <d...@gnu.org> het volgende 
> geschreven:
>> As I am doing my analysis on the finalize event, I can only add the
>> markup after the analysis in the same event.
> That won't do I think (you'd have to _not_ use a grob but rather fiddle
> with stencils in order to bypass all of the engravers which are no
> longer in working order for dealing with grobs).  You can try adding a
> markup at music time and filling in its details when processing.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. That made it work! I am now attaching a grob 
in the note listener, and fill it with messages in the finalize stage.
Works like a charm!

>>    (if (not (equal? #f (error-msg note)))
> Now that's a complicated way of saying (if (error-msg note) if I ever
> saw one.

You're completely right, this immediately makes clear Scheme is not my main 
language :)
You should see the rest of my code... ;-)

Again thanks a lot!



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