As a newcomer to using Edition Engraver, and looking at the example
files etc., I wondered why they were written with so much repetition.
 "Perhaps it is just to keep things easy for newcomers like me to
understand," I thought.

So I experimented with reformatting using braces as Lilypond does,
which seemed the method most likely method.  For instance,

\editionMod test 1 0/4 Voice \(
\editionMod test 1 1/4 Lyrics #(make-music 'ExtenderEvent)
\editionMod test 1 2/8 Voice [
\editionMod test 2 0/4 Score \time 3/4
\editionMod test 2 0/4 Score \tempo "Allegro" 4=135
\editionMod test 2 0/4 Voice \p
\editionMod test 2 0/4 Voice \<
\editionMod test 2 1/4 Lyrics #(make-music 'HyphenEvent)

might become

\editionMod test {
  1 {
    0/4 Voice \(
    1/4 Lyrics #(make-music 'ExtenderEvent)
    2/8 Voice [
  2 {
    0/4 {
      Score {
        \time 3/4
        \tempo "Allegro" 4=135
      Voice {
    1/4 Lyrics #(make-music 'HyphenEvent)

This is much clearer to me, and it would potentially be much easier to
find one's way around the file for maintenance and the addition of new
items.  I appreciate that one might not necessarily want all entries in
the order they appear in the score.

Unfortunately, what I wrote doesn't work.

Is there any likelihood that something similar to what I have suggested
might be added to Edition Engraver in the forseeable future?

And how near are we to seeing Edition Engraver included in Lilypond


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