When both voices in \partcombine finish a \quoteDuring at the same time,
only one voice is rendered for subsequent notes.

\version "2.18.2"

\addQuote "melody" \relative c'' {
  a4 a a a
  d d d d

\addQuote "alto" \relative c'{
  f2 f
  g2 g

  { \quoteDuring #"melody" s1
    \quoteDuring #"melody" s1 }

  { \quoteDuring #"alto" s1
    % This does not get rendered:
    \quoteDuring #"alto" s1 }

If the last line is changed to notes, they are rendered but the
\quoteDuring for the same measure in the first expression is not. Lilypond
does not throw any errors or warnings when compiling these examples. Using
the << \\ >> construct does not cause this issue.

If the quote durations overlap, there is no bug:

  { \quoteDuring #"melody" s1
    \quoteDuring #"melody" s1 }

  { \quoteDuring #"alto" s2
    % No problem:
    \quoteDuring #"alto" s1. }

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