Hi Carl,

your analysis sounds recognizable. I did notice that a substantial amount of code could be reused, e.g. the string parsing and label printing code. I will have to look at it again and try to wrap my head around lilypond data structures and scheme syntax. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


On 2018-02-22 16:16, Carl Sorensen wrote:

´╗┐On 2/22/18, 1:54 AM, "Gilles van Eeden" <g...@gillesvaneeden.nl> wrote:

    Suggestions as to which external label to
     use and how to position and format this to match the fretboard diagram
     are welcome.

The code to place the labels already exists in the string label code used for 
'below-string finger numbers.  You should be able to find this in 

You will need to figure out how to get the chord-step information into the data 
structure.  My first attempt would be to create a property (maybe called 
chord-steps, or chord-functions) in fret-diagram-details that is a list of 
string-count scheme strings, each of which corresponds to a label for the 
appropriate string (starting at string-count, ending at 1).  Then it would be a 
relatively straightforward process to print each of these scheme strings in the 
appropriate place below the fret-diagram string.



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