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> On 2018-02-23 2:55 PM, Kieren MacMillan wrote:
>> \new Staff \relative c'' {
>>   \once \stemDown <g g,>2.*5/6 g8
>> }
> So *that’s* what the * notation means. I’ve used it for multi-measure
> rests, per the documentation, but I did not understand how it worked.

It just scales the duration without changing the visuals.  Multimeasure
rests actually are untypical here in that they don't have visuals but
just look at the total duration of their length (so for them R1. is just
the same as R1*3/2), but basically all other constructs take their
visuals from the unscaled part.

*2/3 can be used to generate triplets without triplet number.

David Kastrup

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