Hi Urs,

Forgive me if saying something you know, but just confirming that
PostScript user space coordinate units are 1/72 inch. This is close to one
point, but there is no universally accepted definition of one point. Some
conventions use 1/72.72 inches (!), for example.

The information confirming this is on p 183 of the 3rd edition Postscript
manual (same as the one Karl quotes from). [That manual is freely
downloadable from Adobe.]

I don't know what 'bp' is, sorry, and I don't know what the size of a point
]\pt in LaTex is either.

I don't know if lilypond transforms Postscript user space coordinates into
device space coordinates or when it does that. I thought GS would handle
that late on, closer to final imaging.


On 2 March 2018 at 18:26, Urs Liska <li...@openlilylib.org> wrote:

I think it *is* the smallest box, but truncated to integers. At least I
> can't imagine a box that leaves full units empty.
> From what I've seen so far I was confident that the numbers correspond to
> what LilyPond sees as \pt, and also in LaTeX I have treated the numbers as
> pt (as opposed to bp).
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