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> On 3/6/2018 1:36 AM, Gianmaria Lari wrote:
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>> Greetings All,
>> I should like to piggy-back onto Nathan's question, though as an emacs
>> user. I have been using timidity, which is directly mentioned in the
>> documentation, but I too would like the ability to fast-forward or
>> rewind or to start at a particular place.
>> Hwaen Ch'uqi
> What about windows? Anyone found a way to set the starting point at a
> particular place instead of the beginning?
> Gianmaria
> There is basic 'seek and playback' functionality in Frescobaldi.

Yes, you can move the frescobaldi midi player cursor (with the mouse) at
the position you like BUT each time you re-compile you lost the position
and you have to set it again.... it is doable but not practical. What I
personally do is to comment out the part of the score I don't want to
listen.....  So, it would be great to be able to set the score begin to a
certain measure and make Frescobaldi doesn't forget it.

By the way do you know if it exist any keyboard shortcuts more than
"ctrl-p" to control the player?

Thankyou, g.
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