Giampaolo Orrigo wrote
> is there a way to assign two staves to the same MIDI channel when creating
> MIDI in Lilypond?

Hi Giampaolo,

As you wrote, by default, a separate MIDI channel will be assigned to each
But this default can be changed, see
3.5.7 MIDI channel mapping

For driving Hauptwerk, 'voice will only make it worse, but probably you
could make use of 'instrument:
That way, everything played with the same midiInstrument will be mapped to
the same MIDI channel:

  \midi {
    \context {
      midiChannelMapping = #'instrument

I don't know how to handle Hauptwerk stops via MIDI at all (LilyPond's
standard GM instruments will not make any sense, of course). So, probably,
setting midiChannelMapping to #'instrument might solve your problem.

All the best,

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