Hi Torsten,

Thanks for the confirmation. That obviously explains the observed behaviour
very simply.

Not intuitive to me. I would have thought the stencil was rotated in this
case about its axis of symmetry. But I guess lily[ond does not really know
the item, just a stencil, is a 'circle' with special geometrical
properties. But once one knows about this, it's all very clear. Indeed. as
I thought, lilypond has not the mathematical nicety of Postscript in this
particular area (indeed, why should it? It is my mistake to think that.).


On 12 March 2018 at 02:43, Torsten Hämmerle <torsten.haemme...@web.de>

> The bounding box of a circle actually is a square.
> But, after rotation, the resulting markup/stencil will have a new bounding
> box (with vertical height and horizontal width) large enough to contain the
> original bounding box (all objects are considered as boxes, no matter what
> their actual shape may be).
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