I am transcribing some baroque canons. Does anyone know how to make upside down/backwards clefs?

How about:

\version "2.19.80"

rotClef = #(define-music-function
            (line cl)
            (number? string?)
              \once \override Staff.Clef.stencil =
              #(lambda (grob)
                 (ly:stencil-rotate-absolute (ly:clef::print grob) 180 0 0))
              \once \override Staff.Clef.full-size-change = ##t
              \once \override Staff.Clef.Y-offset = #line
              \once \set Staff.forceClef = ##t
              \clef #cl

\new Staff {
  \clef tenor
  d2 e f g
  \rotClef -1 tenor

The number -1 indicates "one line below middle".

CAVEAT: With this solution, after the rotated clef has been issued, pitches will be typeset according to the standard meaning of the given clef.


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