Hello everybody,

suppose I want to globally override the direction of slurs, as far as neutral voices go. If I do this:

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% \version "2.19.80" \layout {   \context {     \Voice     \override Slur.direction = #UP   } } music = { c'( d' e' f') } {   \music   \voiceTwo   \music   \oneVoice   \music } %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

then in bar 3 the slur will go below the notes, i.e. \oneVoice reverted the direction without knowing that an override was in effect.

I’d love to be able to redefine \voiceTwo & Co. such as to imply \temporary, but that’s not currently possible:

warning: Cannot make PropertySet revertible.

Does anybody have an idea for another solution?

Best, Simon

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