Noeck wrote
> Hi,
> I also asked that some time ago. I can’t find the thread (I am
> notoriously bad at finding anything on the list archive).
> I use it for the clef.
> This should work:

Oh thanks! I also searched the forum about this subject and yet cannot
succeed to find this thread!
I was stuck almost all the afternoon on this problem...

Too bad this isn't in the documentation because it is very useful!

Noeck wrote
>   % you can add more new names here if you need them

This I don't understand. The fonction can only take 2 arguments right? One
for the music, the other for the brace but you can create several separate
instances? For exemple:

  #(add-music-fonts fonts 'number1 "emmentaler" "emmentaler"
     feta-design-size-mapping (/ staff-height pt 20))

  #(add-music-fonts fonts 'number2 "profondo" "profondo"
     feta-design-size-mapping (/ staff-height pt 20))

and then you call:

[...].font-family = #'number1   or   [...].font-family = #'number2

Is this exactly how this function works?

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