SoundsFromSound wrote
> Yes, you're correct. It's a valid shared path (don't worry about the 
> Samba share stuff).
> When I map drives for sharing like this, I have success using the 
> computer name vs. the IP, for what it's worth - even though both 
> *should* work for all applications...
> (i.e. instead of
> \\\Public\
> ...
> *\\WorkstationTwo\Public\*

Actually, I also tested with the NAS name but it didn't worked either!
I thought then it might be password related, that's why I made all my test
from the Public folder. No success either.

It worked neither with the IP adress nor with the name of the device. Only
by mapping as suggested.

So my final guess is that frescobaldi doesn't support SMB!

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