Gianmaria Lari <> writes:

> I would like to tie the last note contained in a variable like this
> \version "2.19.81"
> var = {a b a}
> {\var ~ a}
> but this generates an error. This is just a simple example, the reason why
> I would like to do this is because the variable in the real piece is used
> many times without the tie except in one case where it has to be tied.
> At the moment I do this
> \version "2.19.81"
> var = {a b \tag #'lastnote a}
> {\removeWithTag #'lastnote \var a ~ a}
> but I would like to know if there are other solution (maybe better?).

2.21.0 (current master) accepts it as-is.

David Kastrup

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