Hi everyone,

I cannot figure why I cannot change the ottava mark as I'd like.

I am interested in using a dashed line, but also for the right edge, as
shown in this exemple: 

I don't understand why mine always appear filled!?

\version "2.19.80"

\relative c' {
  \override Staff.OttavaBracket.style = #'dashed-line
  \override Staff.OttavaBracket.dash-fraction = #0.2
  \override Staff.OttavaBracket.dash-period = #0.65
  \override Staff.OttavaBracket.thickness = #1.5
  \override Staff.OttavaBracket.edge-height = #'(0 . 1.5)
  \ottava #1
  \set Staff.ottavation = #"8"
  c'''1 a f

Also, how is it possible to align the top of the number with the line?


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