At least for now I'm giving up on this and using png images, if it isn't
displaying dependably for me it probably won't for some percentage of my
site users. Probably fixable with CSS but I can't be bothered to mess with
it, this has already taken way too long.


Seems to be related to firefox font scaling. I have my browser font set
larger as many pages are unreadable on this monitor without doing that. It
appears that crome does not apply browser font size to SVG while firefox

I have also tested this using an SVG from abcm2ps and it also displays
fonts larger than intended, but not to the extent that lilypond files are.
abcm2ps is showing about 2x size, lilypond is more like 10x for some reason.

On 16 April 2018 at 17:19, Robert Hickman <> wrote:

> This issue seems to be Firefox specific. Other SVG examples, such as those
> on w3schools, do not exhibit this issue in firefox.
> On 16 April 2018 at 16:58, Robert Hickman <> wrote:
>> Fonts in SVG do not seem to respect font sizes, see attached SVG, for me
>> this displays with enormous fonts that go off the top of the page. It works
>> as intended in the PDF back end.
>> \version "2.18.2"
>> \include "larsen-symbols.ily"
>> \header {
>>   tagline = ""  % removed
>> }
>> \header {tagline = ""}
>> {
>>     \numericTimeSignature
>>     \time 3/8
>>     g'4.\cut^\markup {\tiny Cut } | g'4.\strike^\markup {\tiny Strike } |
>> }
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