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> Hi Gianmaria,
> From your posts I suspect you may find a use for Abjad. Have you looked
> into it?
> Just a suggestion.
> Andrew
Ciao Andrew,

your suggestion is welcome! I had a look to Abjad when I discovered
Lilypond, maybe a couple years ago and told myself I would have a better
look in the future. Probably now it could be a good time.

But anyway, I would also like to know the basic of lilypond/scheme
interaction.... It is true that until today I simply asked how to solve my
(small?) problem but my long term plan is to learn it :)

In my opinion Scheme is not that difficult, and especially not difficult if
you know a bit of programming.
Lilypond is, always in my opinion, a bit harder but I guess that's because
standard music notation is inherently something complex.
Mixing Lilypond with scheme is something that I didn't yet grasp. Anytime I
tried to read the documentation I was discouraged..... and gave up. But for
sure I didn't put enough time on it.

Thank you Andrew!
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