> On 16 May 2018 at 09:04, Gianmaria Lari <gianmarial...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I forgot something. For me, a very difficult thing using scheme with lilypond 
> is correctly open/close the brackets. It's is extremely easy get lost and 
> error messages don't help that much. I imagine Frescobaldi is not the correct 
> editor for that.....?

Personally, I find Frescobaldi quite sufficient for my admittedly intermittent 
use of Scheme.  Code formatting is essential, so the rules at 
http://community.schemewiki.org/?scheme-style are a must. And after all, 
Frescobaldi does highlight matching braces and the autoindent algorithm mostly 
does the right thing also with writing Scheme code.


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