On 5/17/2018 2:01 AM, Walter Garcia-Fontes wrote:
I'm having trouble eliminating vertical space above an Ossia
snippet. This is the example of the manual, augmented to extend over
multiple lines:

The vertical distance above the ossia I could not reduce no matter how
much I tweaked the numbers in the override, and so the distance
between the two lines with ossia in the middle is different from the
rest. I also tried "staff-staff-spacing" instead of
"default-staff-staff-spacing" but there is no change.

Is it possible to reduce the vertical distance above the ossia? I
gave up and ended up doing the ossia with music included in a markup,
for the markup I know how to tweak all vertical distances.


You could always try to approach from the paper block? :) Does that work for your needs?
i.e. #'((basic-distance . 10)

(see attached)

\version "2.19.32"

\new Staff = "main" \relative {
\repeat unfold 4 {  c''4 b d c} \break
\repeat unfold 4 {  c4 b d c}
    { c4 b d c }

    \new Staff \with {

      \remove "Time_signature_engraver"
      alignAboveContext = #"main"
      \magnifyStaff #2/3
      firstClef = ##f
     \override VerticalAxisGroup #'default-staff-staff-spacing = #'(
(basic-distance . 0)
(minimum-distance . 0)
(padding . 1.5)
(stretchability . 90) )
    { e4 d f e }
\repeat unfold 4 {  c4 b d c}
  c4 b c2

\paper {
  system-system-spacing =
    #'((basic-distance . 10)
       (minimum-distance . 1)
       (padding . 1)
       (stretchability . 6))

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